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E.B. Allen

Poet & Historian

Elbert “Ebb” Benjamin Allen, born on January 17, 1936, in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, embarked on a remarkable journey that traversed the depths of the Great Depression, the challenges of rural life, and the corridors of American history. The eldest of 13 siblings, Ebb's early years were marked by hardship and scarcity, but his resilience and insatiable curiosity for knowledge propelled him forward. After serving in the United States Marine Corps, he found himself in Chicago, where fate introduced him to a fellow Kentucky native who would become his wife. Eventually, the Appalachian Mountains called them back, leading Ebb to a career as a coal miner, all while fostering a home filled with books, encyclopedias, and intellectual exploration.

Ebb Allen's life was a tapestry of contrasting values, blending a deep appreciation for enlightenment-era philosophers with a steadfast commitment to advocating for workers' rights and traditional family values. His legacy transcends his experiences, as his creative expressions through literature, music, and historical research continue to resonate with readers worldwide. "The Last Request" is a testament to E.B. Allen's enduring impact, inviting readers to discover the profound and complex thinker whose life was shaped by a multitude of experiences, leaving an indelible mark on a generation and beyond.

E.B. Allen

Published Works

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