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Beth Allen Estrada

Author, Singer, Songwriter, & Life Coach

About Beth

Beth Allen Estrada grew up in rural Appalachia in a culturally rich environment where storytelling was integral to preserving traditions. Her father, Ben, who was partly raised by his grandparents during the economically tough post-Depression era, served as the inspiration for the character Ben. He was a coal miner who taught Beth that people cannot be judged based on their appearance, dress, or way of speaking. Beth's mother, also a coal miner's daughter, modeled deep compassion for others through her faith and acts of kindness.



Without cable TV or internet access, Beth’s family often gathered to tell stories or sing hymns, folk, country, and Bluegrass music. Writing short stories, poetry, and music have been ways in which Beth has connected with her inner self and given voice to her deep convictions.

The Adventures of Ben and Stevie

About the Series

Introducing the heartwarming and educational series, "The Adventures of Ben and Stevie," for children aged 4-8. Each story follows the lives of two young friends, Ben and Stevie, as they navigate the wonders and challenges of growing up in a small town. Through their shared experiences and adventures, they learn valuable life lessons about diversity, acceptance, responsibility, friendship, and discovery.

As the boys explore their world, they encounter people from different backgrounds, learn about each other's cultures, and come to appreciate the beauty in their differences. Together, they forge strong bonds with their families, friends, and even pets, demonstrating the importance of love and loyalty.

Each book in the series imparts timeless wisdom in a relatable and engaging manner, encouraging young readers to understand and embrace the diverse world around them. The stories of Ben and Stevie not only entertain but also inspire children to become caring, responsible, and open-minded individuals. Get ready to join Ben, Stevie, and their friends on a delightful journey of growth, understanding, and fun!

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